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Campaign for Precinct Committeeman

This web site in the process of being redesigned.

In the meantime, I am running a write-in campaign for Precinct Committeeman for the Republican Party in Topeka, Kansas. My precinct is Ward 11, Precinct 4.

There are no candidates for precinct committeeman on the ballot in this precinct. A successful write-in candidate must have at least five votes.

The election is Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016. The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

If you live in this precinct, our polling place is the Plaza West Apartments at 5620 SW 22nd St., in Topeka. Use the front door when entering.

The Shawnee County Election office has made it easy for anyone to cast a write-in ballot for any office. Here is one of two ways to cast a write-in vote:

  • Request a paper ballot
  • Find the part of the ballot that says β€œFor Precinct Committeeman Ward 11 Precinct 4”
  • It is located on the right-hand side of the ballot near the top
  • Darken the oval for that office
  • Write Robert Whitman on the line next to the oval
  • Make certain your ballot is complete before you insert it into the tabulator

The other way to cast a write-in vote is by using the ExpressVote touch screen device.

Voters using this method will be handed a piece of thermal paper. Voters slide the paper into the machine, then use a touch-screen to make their choices. You may use this system for write-in votes, as well.

Poll workers are available to assist you with the ExpressVote device.

When voters have cast their ballots β€” or have chosen not to vote β€” in each race, they will see a summary screen giving them a chance to revisit any of their votes, including write-ins. When they are satisfied with their votes on the screen, they print out all their votes on the piece of thermal paper and slide that paper into the tabulator to cast the ballot.